Sludge and dewatering containers Detail

Sludge is a byproduct of many industries using water during processing and manufacturing. Due to high percentage of liquid which it contains, Sludge disposal costs are accordingly high. Many waste disposal sites now prohibit sludge and debris with too high a liquid content. The solution is RHINO SLUDGE SKIPS AND DEWATERING CONTAINERS.

RHINO SLUDGE SKIPS AND DEWATERING CONTAINERS are designed to effectively and economically remove solids from liquids thereby allowing reuse of filtered water or prevent solids from entering and blocking the public sewerage system.

RHINO SLUDGE SKIPS AND DEWATERING CONTAINERS have a fully welded steel body on the outside, the Skip, and two inner barriers. First is the perforated metal basket dimensioned to smoothly move in and out of the outer Skip. The Perforated Basket can be Galvanized or Stainless Steel Construction.

The second barrier is the Reverse Osmosis Membrane or The Filter which retains all solids and allows filtered water to flow through to the perforated basket.

Adequate Valves and piping allow for the water to be controlled and directed to subsequent uses.

RHINO Sludge and dewatering containers are available in a range of sizes from 3 to 18 CBM

Our engineers can Customize according to Buyer preferences and can design and build effective Sludge removal and dewatering Skips and Containers.